With the anticipation of Valentines Day comes the solicitous feeling associated with finding the perfect look.  Do you want to be flirty? Sexy? Elegantly debonair or casual chic?  So many choices yet so little time.  Fortunately, The Vutique team has done the picking for you.  We’ve composed a Divine’s 7: 7 stunning styles, for 7 diverse women, read on to find your look.


New Wave Romance is all about retro chic.  She is not concerned with being ultra sexy or flirtatious, but instead embodying a new school, casual cool style unique to her personality.  Although sex appeal is not of importance, her poised coolness is charming to outsiders.  The opposite sex wants to know her, and other women want to own what she’s wearing. Fashion is fun again with this girl, hints why she adores vintage shopping at The Vutique.  Valentines Day is a day where New Wave Romance can play up her eccentric signature look for both her, and her date to enjoy.

This phenomenal poly-crepe jacquard dress from the 1980’s has an artistic flare with its swatches and splatter accent detailing the dress.  The epaulette element strengthens the look, while the pencil fit of the skirt tones the figure.  The generous pleating along the bosom may minimize the appearance of a larger chest, but the double breasted feature allows for options in terms of how the dress can be worn and what is shown.  Pair this look with gold vintage jewelry for an edgy Valentines day.


She’s poised, yet whimsical and enjoys timeless favorites like this fabulous vintage creation.  Her look is almost regal being that it is effortlessly composed and reads confidence.  Her sex appeal is subdued and her style ultra feminine.  She is the woman of today: mother, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, wife, friend and sometimes foe.  She juggles various roles but always manages to look exquisite and well versed when it comes to her style.  Valentines Day is one of excitement – an escape with her lover and opportunity to look glamorously elegantly while at it.

This plush Mad Men inspired fancy lace dress with detailed beading is the ultimate Valentines Day number.  In addition to Valentines Day, this dress is perfect for any special occasion.  The exposed neckline is engaging yet playful.  While the full circle skirt embodies the classic Mad Men look of the 1960’s.  This entrancing dress is more than a classic keepsake; it’s a timeless investment that will work within your wardrobe for years to come.


J’adore Coco!  This look embodies the go to girl with classic style.  While she enjoys Valentines Day, she’s committed to creating a signature look that still embodies her casual chic vibe.  Sex appeal wafts off of her yet she shows barely anything at all.  On Valentines Day all eyes will be fixated on this woman due to her confidence and ability to model Coco Chanel so fearlessly.

This gorgeous Henley style, crimson colored cashmere Chanel dress from the 1980’s is as classic as Ms. Coco herself.  The fabric is soft and supple on the skin.  It drapes beautifully on a woman’s silhouette, highlighting her natural curves while hiding other minor details.  The Henley feature and breast pocket add a sporty quality, sharpening the look.  In addition, each of the gold-plated buttons bares the iconic Chanel symbol, paying tribute to the incandescent designer.


From the office to a night out, Sheer Elegance is both conservative and flirtatious.  The plunging neckline is sensually provocative, while the sheer poly-chiffon creates a refined allure.  Sheer Elegance is on the move, but her style continues to embody femininity and flair.  She may be jetting from a business meeting to her Valentines Day dinner date, so her look must be versatile yet chic.  She’ll receive rave reviews on her amazing dress at the office and on her Valentines night out because of her ability to look so fashion forward at both events though wearing the same dress.

Sheer Elegance is one of The Vutiques reworked one of a kind pieces.  It has been revamped by our in house designer and is exclusive to our shop.  The light weight  poly-chiffon fabric lies beautifully on a woman’s frame.  The high waist line slims the silhouette, while the enriching rosette embroidery detail along the neckline and dotting the dress as a whole add a fanciful, ladylike quality.  In addition, the rose colored hemline at the base of the dress adds a touch of ambiguity to this black and white number.


She is a silent siren.  The way her satin dress glides over her sleek physique giving life to every movement informs observers of her intoxicating ambiance.  The woman in this dress may be timid, but certainly not shy – she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.  Valentines Day is a day of casual splendor, with a hint of enigmatic flare.  The Satin Seductress is as breathtaking as a Vogue moment: she is fashion forward, yet adores the rush of a risk.

This simple, yet fantastic, black satin dress is an original design by The Vutique.  It is versatile in that it can be worn in numerous ways.  Here we paired the dress with a vintage quilted Chinese brocade satin jacket.  The beauty about this jacket is that it is a reversible piece.  The black can be worn to a business meeting over a white blouse, while the striking red could be worn for a night out.  You also have the option of wearing this extraordinary vintage satin jacket with a nice pair of jeans and heels – the choices are limitless.


This Grace Kelly inspired dress is for the woman who enjoys the beauty of traditional classics.  She’s all about timeless romance, and believes Valentines Day is a celebration of that.  Her style is signature, as is this dress.  If she is to be noticed she wants it to be for her ability to embody the lavish style of classic icons while staying true to her individual style.  Gracefully in Love is all about bringing classic elegance back.

This sublime mesh lace and tulle dress from the 1950’s is a divine find.  The tulle lining along the neck and hemline are rare features that add to the marvel of the dress.  The sheer lace arms are a beautiful addition, as is the sweetheart neckline.  The blush pink tone of the dress captures the fresh romance of the 1950’s.  Step out with this magnificent dress on Valentines Day – we promise it’ll be a night to remember.


She has our seal of approval in this vintage Diane Von Furstenburg (DVF) dress.  Valentines Day is all about looking trendy and suave for the young woman in this look.   The red lips detailing this garment are perfect for the occasion at hand, and heads will eagerly turn wanting to know the woman in it.  She isn’t afraid to be provocative, quite the contrary, she finds that is the beauty of being a woman and basks freely in all its glory.  When she leaves the house she leaves with the intention of being seen – she’s Hollywood, without all the bells and whistles.

A silk jersey DVF original with red lips detail is perfect for Valentines Day.  This strapless dress reveals the striking dimensions of a woman, highlighting her figure beautifully.  Shoulders are softened and neck lengthened due to the strapless feature, while the bustier cutout and bow detail on the chest define the bust line.  The flared hemline creates an hour glass figure.  This dress is perfect for a Valentines night out on the town.

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Happy Valentines Day!

By: Abiola Akanni