Who’s in the house, The Vutique’s in the house!  Allow us to take your umbrella, feel free to set your bags here, let me escort you to the fitting room.  Whoever said good ol’ fashion hospitality was reserved for the rich and famous obviously hasn’t visited The Vutique!  Our inviting new space is brimming with bright bursts of color, gleaming trinkets and other timeless keepsakes.  When we say we have something for everyone, we mean it.   We keep it classic for the vintage connoisseurs, and for all you newbie’s our sustainable collection transforms something old into something new, and if you’re in the market, we can help you find something blue.

Vintage pieces are snippets from the past, they tell a story that ultimately would be left untold if it weren’t for there existence.  As generations move forth, it’s refreshing to have historical relics as a reminder of the 30’s bias cut, 40’s ‘New Look’, the impeccable costume jewelry of the 50’s, polished Mad Men style of the 60’s and the list goes on.  Here at The Vutique we seek to house those moments, dress them up in dainty vintage wrappings and gift them to you.

For inquiries email us at info@thevutique.com.  Please provide your full name, telephone number, city and state and item description.