Crime pays, at least at The Vutique it does and we’ve been caught red handed with some of your all time favorite fall colors.

Black is the “film noir” of vintage: it’s mysteriously mischievous, tirelessly getting the job done no matter the season – the non color of classic!  The virginal innocence associated with white has been overshadowed by its “good girl gone bad” counter part but we still love it.  White is a refreshing hue in fashion, its stark essence is almost homicidal when worn correctly, Ms Monroe did it best!  Last, but definitely not least is the sensual sophistication of red.  Bloody Mary’s, vampy crimson lipstick and the LRD (little red dress) – hello – glamour at its finest is always in red, question is are you bold enough to wear it?

Signal every siren in some of falls reprehensible colors at The Vutique!