The original glamour girl did it with class, style and gumption!  Before Audrey there was Elizabeth, and she was – in all her spellbinding glory – ravishing to say the least.  Who wore the House of Dior’s infamous “New Look” better than the late Ms or Mrs. Taylor (depending on the season)?  The full circle skirts, cinched waist, undeniably erect bust and rounded shoulders were Taylor’s signature shape well beyond the 40’s and 50’s.  Here at The Vutique we draw inspiration from Ms. Taylor’s celebrated curves, and have curated a sustainable collection of 3 appetizingly timeless dresses to honor her irrevocable elegance.

The two-tone black and emerald dress sets the tone for Taylor’s coveted journey into Hollywood.  Its sculpted bodice dips into a single chevron pattern followed by a burst of zealous color.  For extra pizzazz, sport this 1940’s cut dress with a simple black belt – you’ll be well primed for any occasion.  The 50’s represented the steady peak of Taylor’s talent as a true Hollywood starlet.  Taunting sophistication was in, and drab was out.  Such a dichotomy is seen in our butterfly sleeve, floral printed dress.  Who said 1950’s fashion was limited to the 1950’s alone – I’m sure Ms. Taylor would have to disagree.  Lastly is the multicolored shirtwaist polka dotted dress, our rendition of Taylor’s “apple pie” allure.  Our triple berry pie dress, with a hint of rhubarb marks Taylor’s iconic days of the 60’s – sweet, yet tart!

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