Fashion has a voice: it glides down runways, hails cabs, enjoys light conversation over tea and crumpets, it lounges on extravagant yachts and laughs sweetly.  This year fashion speaks red, as it waits patiently for the calm and the chaos.  Fashion is on haute alert, and it will do so in a color of fiery and passion, the color of unshakable glamour – the color red!

Fashion in itself is a riche mixture of calm and chaos, without one the other would not exist, but neither would our thirst for it.  It is because of its soothing calm and endearing chaos that we adore fashion so much – it sings a tangy melody that lulls us into forests ripe with fruit and good things, although it is unbeknownst to us that wolves in sheep’s clothing lay lurking.  Yet we saunter on for fashions sake, tasting its fruit as its juices drip down our chin, lavishing ourselves in its good things, enjoying its adornments over tea and crumpets while laughing sweetly.  Finally, the wolf reveals himself.  What does he want?  What we’ve got!

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