Fashions Forbidden Fruits are as wild as they want to be.  Like a stallion extending itself through wide open spaces unapologetically, its mane whipping through the wind, free in mind, body and spirit as are fashions forbidden fruits.  Just like the stallion, we watch in amazement: at the defined movement, the historical elegance, the silky smooth coat, the rogue like inspiration and raw emotion.  After, we applaud and depart as spectators, for fashions fruits are forbidden to us, or are they?

Yes, untamed artistic creations, yet free to those willing to adorn themselves in its splendor vehemently.  Because someone will saddle the wild stallion, ride and be free with him.  But will you bite into fashions gorging forbidden fruits, allowing yourself to be fed instead of being devoured by the idea.   Indulging in its splendor, and inevitably going beyond being a mere spectator.