Oh Cherie,’ Paris’.  The one and only Josephine Baker did it best, dipped in jewels and a barely there banana skirt.  The slim, 5’6 diva was a revolutionary of her time and is still remembered today with every dip of a woman’s hips, from the phallic curve of a banana, to the unforgettable cooing of a St. Louise born voice.  She was a tall and refreshing glass of champagne for the French, and epitomized the idea of a one woman show.  The first African American woman to not only star in a major motion picture, but the first who’s success crossed international borders, Ms Baker was to say the least, a phenomenal woman, and she did it all before her time.

Gifted with the Midas touch, everything in Josephine Bakers path gleamed gold and today she is celebrated all over the fashion airwaves.  Prada’s recent 2011 Spring and Summer collection was inspired by Ms. Baker.  With its slick finger wave style up do’s in this years runway show reminiscent of Bakers ground-breaking hair style, to the popular dancing banana print that we came to know and love, and of course the infamous Jose Baker earrings.  This woman is unforgettable, and here at The Vutique her legacy lives on, and we tribute this collection of vintage one-of-a-kind glass and pearl bead designs to her colorful life.

Our most recent vintage finds come in a spectrum of colors and are ideal for any occasion.  They emulate the old Hollywood and transatlantic Parisian glamour that Josephine Baker was known for – vibrant jewelry dangling from ear to ear and draped daintily around the neck.  A timeless style such as this should be celebrated everyday, so what are you waiting for, start celebrating!

Jewelry Available: The Vutique

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